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Angel Meditation Bench Offers

If you are ordering more than one Angel Bench or are a Yoga or Meditation Teacher looking to provide many meditation stools for your students, we can offer a special discount.

Email Karen and Jamie to discuss your needs and we'll be happy to help or phone us on 0044 (0)7427 136 322.

Angel Bench Leaflet to distribute to Yoga/Meditation Students:

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Angel Meditation Bench Benefits

Owning an Angel Meditation Bench will improve your posture, easing any aches and pains to the back and knees.

When meditating it's important to be pain free so your can go deeper into your practice, the deeper you can go and the longer you can sit in comfort will give greater benefits.

The hand branded seats are extremely comfortable even without our recycled meditation cushions, as our seats are more generous than most.  If you would like that extra bit of luxury then choose from our vast range of recycled fabrics for your upholstered meditation cushion.

Angel Benches are a beautiful addition to any home, not only a meditation friend but a unique Eco Friendly piece of furniture.

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