Hand Made Recycled Products

All hand made with love from pre-loved items. Made in a peaceful environment by spiritual people, blessed with love and healing energy.

Meditation Benches

Meditation stool, seiza stool, seiza bench

Beautifully hand crafted from recycled furniture.  Owning an Angel Meditation Bench will improve your posture, easing any aches and pains to the back and knees allowing you to go deeper into your practice.
Design Your Own Meditation Bench

Foot Stools

Meditation Stool

Built from recycled furniture just like our beautiful meditation benches, but with shorter straight legs, perfect for resting your tired feet on or to aid comfortable sitting whilst relaxing or meditating.  

Design Your Foot Stool NOW!


spiritual books

Angel Bench customers and spiritual friends share their published works and favourite books with the Angel Bench community.

Zabuton Cushions

Angel Meditation Bench Zabuton Cushion
Meditate in ultimate luxury with this cosy Zabuton, made entirely from Eco Friendly fabric and recycled stuffing. You can even customise yours to match your Angel Meditation Bench, making this a perfect companion.


These delicate, hippie style headbands are very striking with there unique pheasant feathers from nature. 

Gift Vouchers

meditation gift voucher card 

The perfect way to treat a spiritual friend or loved one.

Yoga Blankets

recycled yoga meditation wool blanketsRecycled Wool Blanket perfect for being cosy and warm during or after meditation.


recycled jewelry silver copper
Beautiful and customizable jewellery. Hand made to order using recycled silver and copper.

Art Cards and Postcards

inspirational art cards by Glowing Balance

Glowing Balance’s inspirational art cards and postcards inspire you on your journey of shifting your perception to self-acceptance and love of living. Bring color and spark to your daily living and give credit to your unique and creative talents.