Meditation Bench Cushion

Discontinued (for now)

Our removable cushions go perfectly with our Angel Meditation Bench or Stools, but we can also custom make one for a meditation bench you already own (please provide the seat measurements).

Bench not included in price.  You can save money by buying your bench and cushion together, go to Design Your Angel Bench or Design Your Mini Angel Stool


Removable Meditation Bench Cushion

Made from recycled fabric and stuffing, this removable meditation bench cushion with velcro fastening gives you the option of using your bench with or without the extra cushioning. Attached via two straps which fasten with Velcro. Our customers tell us they have also found other uses for their removable cushion. Some like to use it under their knees when meditating, others like to use it as a booster cushion behind their back when in the office!

seiza stool cushion meditation stool removable cushion meditation seiza stool padded cushion

Over 50 Recycled Fabrics!

As our fabrics come from recycled sources, once it's gone it's gone!
Check back regularly for new fabrics or contact us to make a special request and we'll try to find what you're looking for.

To protect against spills we treat our fabrics with an anti-stain spray.
For fire safety we apply an eco friendly fire retardant spray that conforms with the relevant British Standards.  We also use 100% combustion modified high fire resistant foam in our cushions.
These are all eco friendly fabrics so once it's gone it's gone!  Check back regularly for new fabrics or contact us to make a special request