Eco Friendly Empowering Art Cards and Postcards

By the talented Angel Bench customer Merja Willock

Inspirational art cards and postcards inspire you on your journey of shifting your perception to self-acceptance and love of living. Bring color and spark to your daily living and give credit to your unique and creative talents.

Eco friendly cards are made from 100% recycled stock, post-consumer waste, manufactured using wind power. Postcards are sustainably sourced paper stock.

(Merja was so happy with her Angel Bench she blogged about it. Read the blog here).

Inspirational Art Cards
(Pack of 21)
Inspirational Art Postcards
(Pack of 4)

Merja talks about her creative process...

Merja Willock art "I love layers. How adding simple but powerful images, impressions and feelings on top of each other starts to form a picture. Some layers are more transparent than others, some will fade away eventually and others will light up the whole picture like nothing else.

That will only happen through trial and error, and you will never know beforehand how changing the order and letting go of something that has felt imperative to hold on to will make a difference. Just like life. Layers of authenticity, frustration, healing, sadness, joy and despair. All in perfect order, forming an ever changing mosaic that constantly morphs it’s shades of colors. All of them are needed and contribute to the depth and the vibrancy.

I love how the process always takes care of itself. I may have some idea on my head when I start but the outcome is always totally different. Through the process you grow and just are open to the ideas that flow through you. Through that; pictures, colors and words I hope to empower and inspire you all to hear the whispers and guidance of your own intuition."

Merja's FREE 16 Day E-Program:

Step Into Your Space of Inspired and Conscious Living

Do you remember those days when your creative self was immersed in the joy of doing and experimenting? When the process was more important than the end result, and you felt that your energy was overflowing? Writing in your journal, being constantly curious about learning and trying new things, reading, dancing, and being excited about everyday life without noticing hunger or paying so much attention to other people’s thoughts?

Fast forward to this day. Maybe you suffer from self-defeating thoughts that you usually and unconsciously choke with foods or other addictive substances, have relationships that drain your energy, are unable to nourish yourself on a deeper level and only occasionally dream of tapping into your creative flow that is as natural as breathing for all living beings.

Maybe you just feel that the spark of excitement, joy and expression has diminished and you think that it is normal in our so busy lives.

Free 16 Day e-program: Step Into Your Space of Inspired and Conscious Living

Well, it isn’t. It is time to step into YOUR inspired and conscious space of living and take charge of your dreams and reality.

Have you ever thought how closely intertwined our food, mood, lifestyle and creativity are?

How we feed (or deprive) our bodies and mind is linked to brain chemistry, self-defeating thoughts and scattered energy to name a few.

In this currently FREE e-program creativity will meet self-love and acceptance and deep reflecting and lifestyle awareness begin to unlock your mind to the limitless power for planting the seeds of change and development.

For 16 Days you will get a daily colorful note with reflective questions, prompts and an empowering affirmation, all of them created with great love, making sure that pictures that I have taken will resonate with the affirmation for the day to help you to bring awareness into your life. You will start to recognize the connection between food, mood, lifestyle and creativity and take first steps into your space of inspired and conscious living.

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 You will get more awareness of how to:
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  • Connect with your inner thoughts and recognize your false beliefs
  • Find out what nourishes you and what drags your energy down
  • Search your soul and and tap into your creative flow
  • Get motivated and inspired and discover your creative spark