Feather Headbands from Nature

These delicate, hippie style headbands are very striking with there unique pheasant feathers. They can be worn multiple ways on your head, or even tied onto a floppy hat. The eye-popping colours of the male pheasant feathers are extremely attractive. In the sunshine they are iridescent and display many vibrant colours in different lights. These headbands can fit any size head since they are not already tied together.

About the Artist

Kirstin Larkin

Company: Nature Bound

Each piece I create is made with beautiful elements of nature that we see everyday or is inspired by mother nature herself. Sometimes we are too busy to notice the beauty in water, trees, wildlife, and just simply life itself. My hope is to inspire you to soak in all of these elements that are around you everyday.

I am constantly creating and dreaming in my mind. My heart and soul is in traveling and experiencing the world and all it's beauty. Each place I go to, I bring a piece of it back with me so it can then be transformed into something and shared with you.

It is important for me to create as Eco friendly products as possible from the materials used to the way it is shipped. Many of my materials have been gathered from nature and no animals or trees have been harmed in this process.

I hope you fall in love with an item just like I have when going through the process to create it.

Thank you for viewing my store.

Love and Light,