Design Your Meditation Bench

Have fun creating your Meditation Bench, you are on your way to a protected body and blissful meditation! Each Angel Meditation Bench is lovingly handcrafted, using wood from vintage furniture and recycled fabrics, handmade by ourselves in a peaceful environment and blessed with healing energy.

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Dispatch times: Your bench will be dispatched in FOUR WEEKS due to all the love we pour into it, but please let us know if you're in hurry.
design your meditation stool

Leg Shapes

All our meditation bench legs can be folded for travel and we only use door hinges, so you can be sure your bench doesn't wobble!
meditation stool angled leg Angled Legs
Our angled legs take any pressure off the knees as well aligning your pelvis in your optimal position.
Rounded Legs
Our rounded legs allow you to gently rock back and forth to adjust your angle to your preferred sitting position. Rounded legs are very useful for meditators who want to increase their flexibility over time as you can change your position.

Our benches have folding legs to make traveling easier.  We use only the best door hinges to ensure your bench is lovely and strong. We also offer a fixed leg option if you contact us. However due the screws being on show on the seat when fixed, we can only offer fixed legs when your bench has an upholstered cushion. Please contact us prior to ordering as we may need to charge a little extra for postage as it won't be such a compact parcel.

Seat Hand Branding - from £15

Some examples are below, but we can brand pretty much anything you can think of....

Dispatch time

Angel Meditation Benches take 4 WEEKS to hand craft due to all the love that goes into them. Please contact us if you are in a hurry.

Angel Bench Benefits

How to sit on a meditation bench seiza stool Owning an Angel Meditation Bench will improve your posture, easing any aches and pains to the back and knees.

When meditating it's important to be pain free so your can go deeper into your practice, the deeper and the longer you can sit in comfort will give greater benefits.

The hand branded seats are extremely comfortable even without our recycled meditation cushions, as our seats are more generous than most.  If you would like that extra bit of luxury then choose from our vast range of recycled fabrics for your upholstered meditation cushion.

Our customers fall in love with their purchases, but if you're not madly devoted in 30 days, simply return for a full refund.

Bench Sizes

Front: 13cm, back: 15cm
Front: 15cm, back: 17cm
Front: 17cm, back: 19cm

Seat dimensions:
Width: 19cm, Length: 42cm
Seat heights are to the bottom of the seat.  All our recycled wood is at least 1.5cm thick and obviously if ordering a cushioned seat this will raise the seat height again.

If you require a custom size, please add details in the 'Special Request/Message' field. Please contact us if you require larger than tall size as this would incur an additional cost due to the extra wood used.
When choosing your size, your height is an obvious factor but it's also important to think about how flexible your ankles are.   Those people who aren't as flexible prefer a taller bench.  You can always come back to us, as you become more flexible, if you would like your legs made shorter.

Wood Stains

Fabric Cushions - £21

Our upholstered cushions make your meditation experience even more blissful!

meditation upholstered cushion meditation stool cushion seiza stool cushion
As our fabrics come from recycled sources, once it's gone it's gone! Check back regularly for new fabrics or contact us to make a special request and we'll try to find what you're looking for.

To protect against spills we treat our fabrics with an anti-stain spray. For fire safety we apply an eco friendly fire retardant spray that conforms with the relevant British Standards. We also use 100% combustion modified high fire resistant foam in our cushions.

Not found what you're looking for?
Tell us what you'd like or send your own fabric. Angel Bench customers have been known to send baby slings and covers to us, what a lovely way to extend the memories!