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Once you have witnessed the plight of Delhi’s street children you will realise that need is a relative concept....All children need love, food, water, shelter. The basics of life.

Most of the street children receive no love. They have to struggle to obtain food and water. Shelter more often than not is a tree in a park, an island in the middle of a road, a shop doorway. But this is not what the children worry or complain about. They maintain that what they really want is freedom. Not freedom as we in the west would see it, the freedom these children long for is freedom from sickness, pain, sexual abuse, drugs, exploitation, police brutality and wrongful arrest. They don’t want handouts from society to give them a easy life. They want to go to school, be educated and earn a decent living. They struggle to earn a living from rag picking, shining shoes, working as porters anything that will earn them enough to survive.

What they do not have access to, because of their lifestyle, is education, healthcare or recreation. Many of the organizations that offer these facilities do so at a price. The child must conform. The street children wish to retain a say in their lives, to make their own decisions, to be independent and free to make choices.

Butterflies is a unique organisation in that it gives street and working children a voice, a say in what they want. The organization offers alternative education programme, including daily non-formal classes out on the streets, life skills education, training in theatre, radio and print journalism as well as vocational training in Catering through a Kitchen School. It also provides health care via a health care centre and mobile unit and health team, which regularly visits contact points throughout the city and a crisis centre for children at risk. Street children are trained in first aid and become First Aiders working throughout the city helping other children.

In addition Butterflies facilitates a children’s council, a children’s rights union and most excitinAngel Meditation Bench Charityg of all a Children’s bank run by the children themselves. The children bring their very small earnings to the night shelter where a small booth resides and they deposit their savings in this bank. After 6 months of saving, if they wish, they can apply for a loan to start a small business. This is the very best way for the children to empower themselves and hopefully lift them out of the awful dilemma of living on the street.

It is very difficult these days to choose a charitable trust or cause to help as sadly there are many worthwhile causes. Sara has been raising money and visiting Butterflies for the last 11 years. Sara spends time on the streets in the night shelters, the resilience centre as well as the Child-line project and sincerely believes they are working in the most positive way with the street children in Delhi.

The children help themselves and now several of them are health workers, street workers and advisors within Butterflies

SARA CLEGG. TEL: 01244 377302 / 375657 FAX: 01244 371066 / 375657

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