Your Angel Painting

Channeled Angel Painting PLUS Reading

This is a very personalised unique piece of art by the beautiful spiritual artist Annie Rose.

Annie takes yours (or a loved ones) first name, clears her space and sits in silence to ask your angel to step near. She sees, feels and hears their energies and paints what she receives, writing the messages on the back of the painting as she works.Angel channeled paintings

Channelled angel paintings from Annie Rose make a totally unique and personalised gift either for yourself or a friend. Annie uses best quality watercolour paper with gouache (a kind of vibrant, opaque watercolour), watercolour pencils and gilt paints. Each individual painting is A4 size and can easily be framed in a standard size frame. Your channelled angel painting will have messages written on the back: these are the words and messages that your Angel sends Annie, which she then transcribes to a typed reading so that you get a full reading with you channelled angel too.

This is a totally unique gift and you receive a beautiful painting using shimmering iridescent paints and a full reading.